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Children's Book

A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness follows the adventures of a young farmer named Little Rees Specht who discovers that kindness, like a seed, will only grow and spread if one takes the time to cultivate it.  Little Rees Specht is a thoughtful and generous young boy who takes the time to help out a friend in need. Unbeknownst to Little Rees Specht, his kind act plants a “seed of kindness”, that keeps growing as more and more kind acts are performed by other children. 

A Little Rees Specht Cultivates Kindness is a sweet book with an important message for young children who are learning to look beyond themselves and develop empathy for others. Join the adventure of Little Rees Specht and his friends as they discover how kindness grows in the good deeds we do for each other. In the end, we learn that all it takes to cultivate kindness is a little Rees Specht.